How you can Confront Depression and Stress Utilizing Craft

Is This a Fact or Misconception?

Ever since we began to study the human mind as a culmination of motivations, actions, and behavior, we have learned quite a lot about ourselves. Psychology opened us up to a way of thinking that was only touched on briefly ever before.

Anyone familiar with developmental psychologists, such as Sigmund Freud, will undoubtedly have heard of the various implications that our childhoods have on us as we grow up. It has been argued that we are a product of our environments. Hence, we are who we have become due to the experiences that we have gone through thus far.

Developmental psychologists substantially addressed the various roles that parents play in the forming of a child’s personality. In which case, our parents are our first human contact with the external world. They guide us through life during our stages of utter ignorance. It follows then that different parenting skills will yield different outcomes.

It has often been said that controlling parents make the later stages of their children’s lives harder. In this article, we will address whether an overbearing parent will really make life tougher for their child when they join college.

H2: Understanding the Nature of the Problem

By now, you probably already have someone in mind. You possibly have a friend whose parents were always authoritarian as you were growing up. It can be the overbearing parents who would not let their children go out and play with their peers. Or the ever-present parent who was always micromanaging each and every move their child made.

For young children, this may not seem to be a big deal. In fact, most of them will rationale their parents’ actions only as protective measures. However, what these parents do not realize is how difficult they are making life for their children in the future.

Most kids from overbearing families lack their own sense of autonomy. Consider that s they grew up, they hardly had the liberty to make their own choices. All they were used to was following their parents’ instructions. It is worth noting that this piece has nothing against obedience. Quite the contrary, it seeks to break down how compelling parents might be unhealthy for the children.

When such a child joins college, you can expect their world to be flipped upside down. While they previously were in charge of their own actions, they are now fully responsible for their own lives. This can be a daunting experience, where they may be unable to make heads or tails of such situations. Settling down in college might be a problem since they are probably clueless about making decisions on their own.

It can further extend to other aspects of their lives. Whereby they may be unable to establish or maintain social interactions out of constant innate fear of disappointing their parents. Suffice it to say, such parents can potentially make it difficult for the child to adjust to new environments.

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